Q&A with Calvin Chase

August 13, 2020

DG+Design is excited to welcome Calvin Chase to the team as Web Developer! He is passionate about renewable energy and is hoping to help clients with visual communication that inspires, compels, and engages. Calvin will be assisting clients with web design and development, as well as graphic design.

We interviewed Calvin to learn more about him. Check out his answers below.


It’s clear that you have a passion for renewable energy. Where does that passion come from?

Growing up in the pacific northwest, I’ve always felt a bond with nature. I want to take my part in inspiring people to use renewable energy so as to preserve the natural world we have.

Why did you join DG+Design? What do you hope to accomplish or learn?

I wanted to join DG+Design to help the renewable energy industry with compelling and engaging visuals and to push responsible companies forward for a cleaner and more responsible future. But also because of David. Who you work with is essential and from the very beginning and I knew we had a good understanding. His expertise, passion, and openness cannot be overstated and is the main reason I joined.

How do you hope to make an impact for our clients?

I hope to help our clients by listening to what they need and translating them into visual communication that inspires, compels, and engages. The future can be green and beautiful and it’s our duty to show that it can be.

What are some of your favorite places for creative inspiration?

In nature; in particular the water. The wind near the sea that tosses the waves. The seemingly simplest elements can hold the most meaning.

What is the coolest energy infrastructure that you have seen? Why?

I love seeing the wind farms around Palm Springs, CA. Harnessing the wind as it funnels through the valley is a wondrous thing.

If the world were not experiencing a global pandemic, where would you want to travel next? Why?

Spin a globe. I love traveling to new places with new languages and stories, but also to revisit places I’ve been before and to see old friends and faces. I wouldn’t mind going back to the arctic circle though.

Tell us something fun or maybe unexpected about yourself.

I love scents and smells and I occasionally find myself making perfumes these days.


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