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Energy Policy, Technology, and Regulatory Research

Policy and regulation drive the rapidly evolving energy transition today. But many of these policies are still in flux. DG+ has the expertise in policy analysis to enable decision-makers and industry leaders to grasp and navigate relevant policy and regulation.
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The Need

Decarbonization presents the biggest business opportunity of this century. 

But in order to capitalize on the clean energy transition, businesses will need to stay ahead of policy, regulatory, and technological trends.

Failing to anticipate or understand policy and technological changes poses multiple risks. Unexpected policy-driven market shifts catch organizations by surprise, leading to poor investments or lost opportunities. It also means struggling to generate capital, as investors increasingly scrutinize ESG standards. Proactively tracking policy and technological trends empowers organizations to avoid these pitfalls.

New regulations and technologies can disrupt long-standing operational practices, forcing costly adaptations. 

Organizations that have eyes on the horizon outmaneuver those who are on their back foot.

We are focused
on cleantech and climate tech.

DG+ possesses a combination of expertise in energy-related technologies, policy and regulation, and data analysis and visualization to provide organizations with up-to-date policy and market intelligence. We identify the opportunities and challenges for your organization by bringing clarity to the complex legislative, policy, and regulatory landscape. We track cutting-edge technological trends to assess their promises and risks for your operations.
Sample Projects

You’ve got big questions in your business. We help you answer them.

Key Questions

Key Players

  • Providers
  • Clean energy technology vendors
  • Decarbonization and net-zero transition policy makers and analysts
  • Local and State Government agencies
  • Municipal Utilities
  • Industry stakeholders and industrial groups
  • Utilities
  • Energy companies
  • ESG investors
Who We Serve

Organizations from diverse sub-sectors rely on DG+ for tailored, high-quality research and technical content.

Clean Energy Developers

Pull ahead of the competition with insights into market trends, policy and regulatory landscapes, customer segments, partners, and suppliers.

Financiers and Equity Providers

Boost your ability to direct investments to the most promising investment opportunities.

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Government Agencies and Municipalities

Reach your emissions reduction goals guided by our specialized expertise in key energy market indicators, technologies, and strategies.

Utilities and Retail Electricity Providers (REPs)

Leverage research and analysis to assess emerging technologies, adapt to changing market trends, and reach customers.

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Large Consulting Firms

Your complex, multi-organizational projects benefit from subcontractors with technical expertise in energy markets and technologies. DG+ can also help meet small business requirements in certain markets.

Technology Providers

Navigate your market with a deep understanding of your competition, insight into market developments, and effective communication of your product.

Consulting Team Members

We are dedicated to the advancement of clean energy.

David Ganske


David has over a decade of experience in clean energy consulting, including project work for the World Bank, United Nations Development Programme, U.S. Department of Energy, utilities, and a variety of other organizations.

David holds an M.P.A. in International Energy Management & Policy from Columbia University and a B.A. in Economics and Foreign Affairs from the University of Virginia.

Kathleen Gill

Director, Clean Energy

Kathleen leverages eight years of sustainability and clean energy experience with nonprofits, solar development, and technology providers to lead the DG+ Consulting Team's energy research and technical writing.

Kathleen earned a Cleantech M.B.A. from University of Texas at Austin and a B.A. in Chinese Language and Literature from Middlebury College.

Gavin Chisholm

Associate, Market Research and Policy

Gavin has three years of experience in renewable energy and sustainability, having held multiple roles that leverage GIS for spatial research and insights. Previously, he worked in energy market operations at Invenergy, and in sustainable water infrastructure at Greenprint Partners.

Gavin holds a B.S in Environmental Science from the School of Environmental Sustainability at Loyola University Chicago.

Walter James

Associate, Market Research and Policy

Walter has over 6 years of policy analysis experience and over three years in climate- and energy-related market and policy research. His previous professional experiences include research associate at Stax Inc. and Carbon Collective.

Walter holds an M.A. from the University of Chicago and a Ph.D. in Political Science from Temple University.

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