Consulting Services

Market intelligence and advising across clean energy and sustainability.

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The energy transition is in full swing

Today’s renewable energy and cleantech industry is moving at a breakneck pace and becoming ever more complex. Despite strong market growth, many firms struggle to differentiate themselves from their competition and connect meaningfully with target audiences.

Consulting Services

We provide practical market insights and detailed technical writing in close collaboration with industry clients.

As a boutique agency, our consulting team possesses analytical skills and deep research experience in clean energy and sustainability. We provide practical market insights and detailed technical writing in close collaboration with industry clients.

Technical Thought Leadership

Your products and services fill a niche that has environmental, social, and economic benefits. But communicating technically complex ideas to a broad audience is challenging. DG+ has the expertise to understand what you offer and strike the right balance between technical accuracy and accessibility.

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Market Entry and Prioritization Strategy

Entering into a new market requires deep knowledge of its policies, competitors, suppliers, and customers. Our team analyzes clean energy government incentives, the competitive landscape, and key financial indicators to identify new markets and prioritize areas of growth for your organization.

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Energy Policy, Technology, and Regulatory Research

Keeping up with legislative activities and regulatory requirements can be challenging and time-consuming. Our team helps you understand the impacts of proposed measures, emerging technologies, and evolving regulations. We’re your guiding hand.

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Competitive Analysis

Competition in the clean energy and sustainability landscape is intensifying. DG+ has the tools, frameworks, and access to data to inform your operations and business development strategy with intelligence on competitors’ products, sales, marketing tactics, and customers.

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Our Approach

Integrated expertise in action:

DG+ consulting, marketing, and creative teams collaborate to deliver valuable insights and meaningful results through our four-step approach

Market and policy insights alone are valuable to any business. DG+ further amplifies their power by integrating them with marketing, communications, and design to drive better-informed, more effective strategies.

We lend our expertise and relationships in the clean energy sector so you can enter a market with confidence, target the right customers, and become a thought leader in your industry.

More and better leads

Contacts with the right people create connections for growth.

Stronger market positioning

Data-driven insights empower effective strategies.

Stay ahead of the regulatory and competitive curves

Research and analysis keep your head up and your team agile.

Valuable thought leadership

Establish your reputation as a subject matter expert with technical blogs, white papers, and op-eds in industry media outlets.

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We’re imaginative problem-solvers and energy nerds who speak your language – PPA, COD, ESG… NBD.
DG+ has the deep industry, technical, and policy expertise that can put you in the driver’s seat to successfully navigate the shifting energy environment.
Winning organizations owe their success to foundational insights and data analysis on market trends, technological developments, regulatory changes, and the competitive landscape.
Who We Serve

Organizations from diverse sub-sectors rely on DG+ for tailored, high-quality research and technical content.

Clean Energy Developers

Pull ahead of the competition with insights into market trends, policy and regulatory landscapes, customer segments, partners, and suppliers.

Financiers and Equity Providers

Boost your ability to direct investments to the most promising investment opportunities.

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Government Agencies and Municipalities

Reach your emissions reduction goals guided by our specialized expertise in key energy market indicators, technologies, and strategies.

Utilities and Retail Electricity Providers (REPs)

Leverage research and analysis to assess emerging technologies, adapt to changing market trends, and reach customers.

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Large Consulting Firms

Your complex, multi-organizational projects benefit from subcontractors with technical expertise in energy markets and technologies. DG+ can also help meet small business requirements in certain markets.

Technology Providers

Navigate your market with a deep understanding of your competition, insight into market developments, and effective communication of your product.

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News and Insights from our climate tech experts.

Experience Where it Matters

Our experience includes work with utilities, solar and wind developers, EV equipment providers, non-profits, international organizations, and more.


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