Policy and Market Research

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DG+ is a leader in delivering timely and relevant market intelligence for players across clean energy and sustainability.

Our team of diverse professionals is a leader in delivering pointed and prompt market insights to industry players. If you’re burnt out on the conventional marketing agency’s lack of understanding of the clean energy industry, struggling to communicate with your market, or on the hunt for new customers, we can provide the market insights you need.

As a small boutique agency, our in-house team of clean energy, sustainability, and cleantech experts have the experience and bandwidth to provide immediate solutions.

  • Renewable energy project developers and financiers
  • Major utilities, government agencies, and municipalities
  • Larger market research and consulting firms in need of extra support and niche expertise
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    Energy policy and market research

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    Product comparisons

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    Market entry and prioritization strategy

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    Competitive analysis of clean energy products

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    Integrated research and strategy with marketing

Policy and Market ResearchPolicy and Market Research

Policy and Regulatory Analysis

Keeping up with evolving legislative and regulatory proposals and activities can be challenging and time-confusing. Our team helps you understand the impact of proposed measures on clean energy technologies, such as solar, electric vehicles, and energy storage.

Market Strategy and Planning

We use a data-driven approach to identify new markets and prioritize areas of growth for your company. Our team tracks clean energy government incentives, analyzes the competitive landscape, and incorporates important financial indicators to provide outcomes.

Campaign Strategy and Content Creation

We lend our expertise and relationships in the clean energy sector so you can become a thought leader. DG+ helps you drive communication campaigns and sales strategies to amplify your company’s presence in the market. We write blogs, white papers, and pitch your ideas to leading industry media publications.

Contact List Building

The clean energy and cleantech industry is young, and it can often be tough to get an understanding of all the players in the market. We find you information on key contacts for your company to engage with.


Get more from an agency that gets your products.

Don’t waste time educating your external support on your products and services. DG+ has over a decade of experience in the clean energy industry to bring the results that matter to you.

Understand your market

Develop products that fit your market, understand your competitors, and create a market strategy for future growth.

Generate more leads

Find more customers through effective messaging, outbound and inbound campaign strategies, and events.

Increase brand awareness

Engage your customers, employees, and the public with a consistent identity and content that showcases your best work.

Energize your sales team

Give the right tools to your salespeople to make them more efficient through CRM adoption, document templates, and sales collateral.

Relevant Project Experience

Our team starts by evaluating your needs and goals. Then, we present a project-based scope to meet your timeline and budget.

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