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State EV Scorecard Results

The DG+ State EV Scorecard Map displays each state’s overall score, along with each contributing scoring metric. Check out which states are leading the way.
Last Updated:
February 27, 2023
Source: DG+ Research

The DG+ Market Research Team created a scorecard to rank state-level policy support for the EV sector and consumer adoption. The scorecard presents which states have the most favorable incentives and funding structure, as well as the states falling behind the curve on EV adoption.

The DG+ Scorecard demonstrates that both policy and economic drivers contribute to the advancement of EV policy. While top states all have favorable incentives for residents and businesses, the cost of fuel (electricity or gas) and state investment are also significant in determining the long-term favorability of owning an EV. Incentives, such as rebates, tax exemptions, and grants decrease the up-front cost of purchasing an EV and encourage their adoption.

In addition, the top states also make significant investment in the future of electric vehicles through state emissions targets and investment in infrastructure to further lower the barriers of owning an EV. This is why despite having some of the highest electricity rates in the country, California, Washington, and New York top the list as the three best states for EV policy.

Alabama, Mississippi, and South Dakota had the three lowest scores according to the scorecard. There is very little investment towards EVs in those states, as well as very little public charging infrastructure.

For more information about the DG+ EV Scorecard and its methodology, download our Q1 2023 EV Policy Report.


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