Walter James

Associate, Market Research and Policy

As a researcher with an intense curiosity about climate and energy policy, Walter helps DG+ bolster its thought leadership in clean energy and sustainability. With previous research roles at Stax, Inc. and Carbon Collective, he brings a wealth of experience in a range of research methods, conceptual frameworks, and an ability to synthesize diverse sources of information into coherent narratives. Walter recently completed his PhD in political science at Temple University, where he investigated the political dynamics underlying financial regulatory reforms in the United States and Japan. His research led him to spend over a year in Tokyo.

In his free time, Walter fulfills one of the core values at DG+, "Nerdy Learning" by reading anything he can about the politics and economics of climate and energy. Aside from that, he and his wife enjoy exploring the state of Oregon and try to be good dog parents for their Pembroke Welsh Corgi.

Want to learn more about Walter? Read our DG+ Insights article to get to know him.

Walter James

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