DG+Design Launches Market Research Products Across Solar, Energy Storage, and Electric Vehicle Cleantech Segments

September 1, 2021

DG+Design, a marketing and creative agency focused on clean energy and sustainable brands, is excited to announce the launch of cleantech market research and policy products across solar energy, energy storage, and electric vehicles. Fourteen reports are now available for purchase from the DG+ website.

As local markets change dynamically and policies remain difficult to navigate, clean energy organizations are currently forced to choose between the overwhelming flow of free information and high-priced market intelligence subscriptions that are often too expensive for small- and medium-sized firms. 

“It takes a lot of time to read a 100-page report,” said DG+ founder and CEO, David Ganske. “Businesses interested in cleantech segments need succinct information that cuts through the noise and gets to the point. That’s what we are working to achieve.”

The fourteen market reports available at launch include ten state-level solar reports, two energy storage reports, and two nationwide reports of the electric vehicle market. Reports include current events, opportunities and challenges, policy summaries, pricing analysis, and market share data. 

Each report can be purchased online without a membership or subscription. Plus, customers will automatically receive discounts on future versions of purchased reports to stay up to date.

“Subscriptions to market intelligence products can be tough to swallow for a growing business. We want our customers to access whatever they need, when they need it, without going through the hassle of signing up for an expensive new service,” continued David Ganske.

DG+ will continue to offer its marketing and creative services to clients in the greater cleantech space as well as bespoke market research engagements. For more information on DG+ and available market research reports, visit the company's products page.

About DG+Design

DG+Design is a marketing and creative agency with a focus on clean energy and sustainable brands. Our work is founded on the passion to uniquely combine clean energy expertise, creative skill, and marketing strategy to provide unrivaled value. From market research and energy marketing to documentary filmmaking, DG+Design is focused on empowering others to grow the clean energy economy. Work includes projects with utilities, electric vehicle companies, solar and wind developers, non-profits, international organizations, and more.


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