Meet Nadia Johnson, Web Developer at DG+Design

Mary Duncan-Sain
May 9, 2023

DG+Design is excited to welcome Nadia Johnson to the team as our Web Developer. Nadia joins the DG+ creative team and will contribute to the development and management of existing and future websites. With her experience using various web development platforms, she will deliver dynamic, high-quality websites that leverage the latest UX/UI best practices. Nadia currently lives in Austin, Texas.


What brought you to web development? 

I grew up in Central Texas and went to Texas State University just north of San Antonio to get my bachelor degree  in Advertising. I enjoyed coming up with big ad campaign ideas, but not the work that led up to them. During my last semester, I discovered web design and realized it was everything I wanted that advertising couldn't offer. So, I taught myself how to be a better web designer and started freelancing to gain experience and hone my skills.

Why did you choose to work at DG+?

I've always been interested in sustainability and how we can improve the Earth now for future generations. I found DG+ and their mission aligned with my own. It seemed like a great opportunity to marry my two passions, web design and sustainability, and contribute in a meaningful way.

What do you hope to learn at DG+?

I want to learn anything and everything, especially about cleantech and sustainable energy. I look forward to learning from experts in the field, including our clients and my new colleagues.

How do you hope to have an impact at DG+?

How a website looks and feels has a huge impact on whether or not you get your audience's attention. So at DG+, I plan on bringing our designs to life by developing websites that resonate with our clients, their potential customers, and partners. 

What’s your favorite way to spend a day off?

I enjoy being outside in nature, so I'll definitely go on some sort of adventure, exploring and hiking with my sister and likely ending up fast asleep somewhere in my hammock.

What is something you’re passionate about outside of work?

I'm passionate about learning. I enjoy breaking things down and seeing how they work. Then, I enjoy putting  them back together. In doing so, I'm allowed to get down to the why or function behind it all. While gaining a new perspective, I can see how everything is connected, no matter how disconnected it may seem at first.

Tell us something fun or maybe unexpected about yourself.

Onions are my thing. I love them too much! So much so that when I was younger, I used to bite into them like they were apples, but thankfully, that stage of my life is over, and now I stick to putting raw onions on almost everything I eat.


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