Introducing DG+Design

January 21, 2020

DG+Design (DG Plus Design) is excited to introduce itself to the public as an agency partner for the clean energy economy. The agency’s mission is to grow clean energy and sustainable brands through a unique combination of energy expertise, creative skill, and marketing strategy.

The clean energy economy is extraordinarily complex in terms of its technical breadth, policy constraints, and dynamic nature. Despite strong industry growth, many firms are struggling in a competitive environment to differentiate from peers and connect with customers. Meanwhile, external agencies lack the industry knowledge to provide effective solutions.

DG+Design strives to serve in-house teams of clean energy organizations by offering industry-focused advising and support through affordable, deliverable-based work packages. These customizable packages include options for sales enablement, lead generation, success stories, strategy building, event promotion, and website design.

David Ganske, DG+Design’s founder, decided to launch the agency after experiencing the industry’s void for high quality creative and marketing support that small- and medium-sized businesses can afford. He previously led marketing and communications at ForeFront Power and also held leadership positions at SunEdison and Astrum Solar.

“There’s currently a gap for clean energy organizations that need affordable marketing and creative support,” said David Ganske. “Large agencies come at a very high price and managing freelance specialists takes time. DG+Design sits at the sweet spot for our industry.”

The name DG+Design comes from the agency’s emphasis on uniting thoughtful design with the technical expertise of distributed generation and the marketing strategy for successful demand generation. It also happens to be the founder’s initials for a triple pun.

triple value of dg plus

About DG+Design

DG+Design is a marketing and creative agency with a focus on clean energy and sustainable brands. Our work is founded on the passion to uniquely combine clean energy expertise, creative skill, and marketing strategy to provide unrivaled value. From energy marketing to documentary filmmaking, DG+Design is focused on empowering others to grow the clean energy economy. Work includes projects with utilities, solar and wind developers, non-profits, international organizations, and more.

About David Ganske

David Ganske is the founder and CEO of DG+Design, a creative agency that focuses on the intersection of design, marketing, and energy industry expertise. Prior to launching DG+Design, he held leadership positions at ForeFront Power, SunEdison, and Astrum Solar, where he impacted over 300 megawatts of solar backlog for households, businesses, and public agencies. David has served as a consultant to the Department of Energy, Environmental Protection Agency, The World Bank, and Columbia University’s Earth Institute through the United Nations Development Programme. David holds an MPA in International Energy Management & Policy from Columbia University and a B.A. in Economics and Foreign Affairs from the University of Virginia.

David is also the director and producer of Front Range Change, an award-winning documentary film on the transition from coal to renewable energy in Colorado - now available on Amazon Prime.


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