Q&A with Kathleen Gill

December 10, 2020

December 10, 2020 - DG+Design is excited to welcome Kathleen Gill to the team as Content Marketer, Clean Energy! An outdoorswoman at heart, she wants to increase investment in renewable energy and reduce our carbon impact. Kathleen is already assisting clients with content creation, messaging, and campaign strategy.

We interviewed Kathleen to learn more about her. Check out her answers below.


It’s clear that you have a passion for renewable energy. Where does that passion come from?

I think my passion stems from my love for the outdoors. I grew up in the Pacific Northwest and spent a lot of time playing on beaches and in the mountains. I went to college in Vermont and further fell in love with the outdoors through trail running and backpacking. But we know that climate change is dramatically affecting these beautiful places, and I really believe that investment in renewable energy is needed to reduce our carbon impact. I see grid electrification and de-carbonization as important actions that we can take for our generation and future generations.

Why did you join DG+Design?

I actually worked with David at ForeFront Power and enjoyed working with him. I also see a big need for the work that DG+ does. Clean energy is a relatively new industry, and awareness among the general public is a limiting factor to growth. We help companies in the industry increase public awareness to grow renewable investments to benefit their communities. That’s a big reason why I was interested in the company. It also turns that I really love writing and clean energy, so now I can do both!

What do you hope to accomplish or learn?

There is still a lot that I can improve in terms of my writing process and the final product itself. Plus, each project presents unique challenges that demand different styles. Within the industry, I also hope to continue researching and learning on my own. There is tremendous variety in the companies that we serve, and there are so many ways that we can contribute to this sector.

How do you hope to make an impact for our clients?

I want to help our clients find their voice. From the start, we set the foundation of key messaging that shapes the identity that some brands will live by for their customers. I want to help them define and convey the values that they bring to their audiences.

Your role at DG+Design includes writing content on behalf of clients. Do you have any favorite articles so far? Any articles that you use as inspiration?

I recently worked on some articles about the Australian solar energy market that were a lot of fun to write. Their culture is more casual, and it really required me to make some adjustments to the tone that would be more appropriate for the market.

What are some of your favorite places for inspiration?

I absolutely love the Sierras in California and Bishop is one my favorite places. Another place is the San Juan Islands in Washington where I spent a lot of time growing up. I grew up near both mountains and oceans, so if I can get to least one, I’m a happy camper. But really, anywhere outside where I can be in peace is inspirational and motivating for me.

What is the coolest energy infrastructure that you have seen? Why?

It has to be offshore wind outside of Copenhagen. I got the chance to go to Denmark last spring through business school, and we got to get as close as you could on a boat to these massive wind turbines. It was incredible. It probably wasn’t the latest technology, but it was truly awe-inspiring to see these great structures and the power that they provide people, both figuratively and literally. It was very cold, but very fun!

If the world were not experiencing a global pandemic, where would you want to travel next? Why?

I’ve wanted to go to Peru or Chile for a long time to spend time in the beautiful mountains. I hear that it is stunning and that there is world class climbing and hiking.

Tell us something fun or maybe unexpected about yourself.

I got the strange and unique chance to perform in the production of Madama Butterfly in the Seattle Opera when I was five years old. My cousin’s nanny worked in costumes, and they needed a kid who was small for their age. I was tiny and had a bowl haircut that suited a boy, so they chose me! I got to run around on stage and wear exquisite costumes. I had a great time! For me it was totally unexpected that I would ever be in something so fancy.


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