Interactive Maps Kiosk: Visualizations of the Clean Energy Economy

VERGE 2023

The DG+ market research team created a suite of interactive maps that explore impactful data in order to see trends and analyze progress and insights across the cleantech economy.

These maps currently include easy-to-understand visualizations of state EV ownership scores, retail electricity rates, and more as part of the new DG+ Library on our website. We also intend to add more maps in time for VERGE.

For VERGE, we propose turning these interactive maps into a kiosk for attendees to explore on their own. As the development is already finished for five maps, the project would just need the touch screen television and corresponding kiosk for full implementation. Moreover, a large screen with buttons and the ability to zoom in and out would make for a much more immersive experience than one can have on a computer. Finally, pop ups on each map show key data on clean energy policy, pricing, and savings opportunities. Attendees can see trends and specific data points that might spark intriguing discussions with their colleagues. 

Existing maps include:

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For VERGE, we propose turning DG+ interactive maps into a kiosk for attendees to explore on their own.

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