Q&A with Mel Phillips, Clean Energy Marketing Associate

August 8, 2022

DG+Design is excited to welcome Mel Phillips to the team as a Marketing Associate. Mel will contribute to the development of marketing and content strategies for clients in the cleantech industry, and will deliver high-quality, creative output in the form of blogs, white papers, press releases and more. He currently lives in his hometown of New York City.


Tell us a bit about yourself.

I grew up in NYC and graduated from Colgate University in 2018 with a degree in Classics. I fell in love with Greek Mythology at a very young age, and now firmly believe that there’s no such thing as an original story in the modern world. I’m an avid skier, scuba diver, rock climber, and generally love spending time in nature, especially when it involves sitting around a campfire. I’m dedicating my career to fighting climate change, and I’m also currently learning to code, taking a data and analytics bootcamp with Columbia University.

Why did you choose to work at DG+?

Like many, the pandemic provided me with an opportunity to reevaluate and adjust my career goals. I quickly realized that I was destined for the clean energy industry while learning about the dire need for redesigning our grid’s infrastructure. I was enamored by the idea of joining DG+, recognizing that I would be widely exposed to various segments of the clean energy industry and that I would immediately provide value with my background in PR and marketing. The people that I’ve met already at DG+ have reinforced my decision. This is a network of people that care and that genuinely want to make the world a better place.

What do you hope to learn at DG+?

I like to consider myself a sponge and I'm hoping to absorb as much as I possibly can. I want to learn it all, from the inner workings of clean energy policy to what makes for a successful brand and content strategy in this market.

How do you hope to have an impact at DG+?

I hope to make everyone's day easier and better by bringing smiles and laughs into conversations. In addition to my input on PR initiatives and content creation, I'm hoping to find unique ways of leveraging my new coding and data analytics skills: hopefully assisting the team in conducting market and data research, extracting valuable insights from the industry’s notoriously unstructured datasets. Overall, I am hoping to build and strengthen relationships across this industry while collaborating on solving this global crisis.

What’s your favorite way to spend a day off?

I love to be active. I’d probably go for a run along the river, and then ask to pet as many dogs as I pass on my way back to the climbing gym. After climbing, I’d either go hang out with some friends, watch a new movie, listen to some music, or just read a good book.

What is something you’re passionate about outside of work?

I remain passionate about the Classics, and hope to someday complete a reimagined sequel of Sophocles’ Philoctetes. This second play about Philoctetes’ experience at Troy was lost over the years, and I believe the story would be beyond relevant to modern society in tackling universal struggles regarding capitalism, war, abandonment, and religion.

Tell us something fun or maybe unexpected about yourself…

I’m a D-1 athlete. I walked onto the Colgate Swim Team my freshman year, and then with no prior experience joined the small Colgate Diving Team my junior year. After several months of learning through trial and error (which involved a lot of belly flops) I was able to score at the championship meet.


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