Top Cleantech Events You Should Attend in 2022

Julianne Waite
January 12, 2022

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2022 is finally here and we are thrilled about the lineup of clean energy and sustainability events slated for the new year. In this article, we offer a calendar view of 10+ cleantech events plus a deeper dive into the five events we are most excited to attend. If you are planning to attend any of the events listed in our top 5, please reach out to us. We’d love to connect! 


January 13-15, 2022
Long Beach, CA

About Intersolar

As the first major solar + storage event of the year in North America, Intersolar highlights the latest energy technologies, services, companies, and organizations striving to create a positive impact on climate change and support our planet’s transition into a more sustainable energy future.

Why DG+ is excited about Intersolar

Intersolar typically features solar industry equipment providers as well as procurement and construction firms. There are usually a wealth of workshops and education from industry experts. Check out the annual Solar Games activity where installers compete on the trade show floor! Our team is simply excited to tour the expo floor and visit several of our clients who will be exhibiting. Last (but certainly not least) we are thrilled to attend our first in-person solar event in years.  

DC Auto Show

January 21-30, 2022
Washington, DC

About The DC Auto Show 

The Washington, DC Auto Show is held each January at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center and is the largest annual indoor public event in the District of Columbia. For more than 80 years, the auto show has modified their programming to accommodate the latest advances and trends in car technology. With the rise in connectivity and autonomous capabilities, the 2022 Auto Show will adapt once again to highlight mobility advancements in all forms of transportation. Browse the extensive displays of battery-powered vehicles, sustainable buses, and new forms of all-electric mobility, along with the classic fan favorites like the exotic and luxury car displays. 

Why DG+ is excited about the DC Auto Show

This event is taking place during an exceptionally exciting time in U.S. national electric vehicle policy and in the very place where those policies are born. How could we not be excited about the 2022 DC Auto Show!? Attendees will not only be able to browse the latest and greatest all-electric and hybrid vehicle offerings from a wide range of manufacturers, they will also be able to test drive some of them at the show’s Ride & Drive event. For anyone eager to get behind the wheel of a brand new all-electric vehicle and cruise the streets of D.C., this is a show you won’t want to miss.


January 23-25, 2022
Dallas, TX

About Distributech

Distributech International is the utility industry’s leading annual transmission and distribution event that addresses technologies used to move electricity from the power plant through the transmission and distribution systems to the meter and inside the home. The conference and exhibition offer information, products, and services related to electricity delivery automation and control systems, energy efficiency, demand response, renewable energy integration, advanced metering, T&D system operation and reliability, communications technologies, cyber security, water utility technology, and more.

Why DG+ is excited about Distributech

For the energy-loving staff here at DG+, Distributech speaks directly to our nerdy hearts. The 13 hand-selected conference tracks are each so compelling it makes us wish we had Hermione Granger’s Time-Turner necklace so we could attend them all. Since we don’t live in the Harry Potter universe, we’d likely divide and conquer the tracks and share what we learned over dinner afterward. 

  • Kathleen Gill would be first in line for the Energy Storage track, which presents applications of centralized and distributed energy storage technologies to address existing and emerging power delivery issues. 
  • Faiza Haq would beeline for the Electric Vehicles track because, let’s face it, EVs are HOT right now, especially with President Biden’s recent policies advancing electric transportation of all types. This track will explore how utilities should approach the imminent electrification of transportation and address major questions on topics like charging infrastructure, customer education, enablement, and incentives.
  • Melissa Stafford would likely sign up for the Resiliency Planning and Preparation track because she knows that extreme weather is wreaking havoc on our grid and making it harder than ever for utilities to keep the power on. 
  • Julia Stevens would opt for the Asset Management track where she’d learn how asset managers create decision support methodologies that assist in repair, replacement, and other maintenance decisions by obtaining additional insights into asset performance management, asset strategy, and asset investment planning. 
  • David Ganske would dive into the Next-Gen Utility Business track which explores changes and innovation in grid operations, market models, and regulations that will influence the utility of the future and how it succeeds in the marketplace.
  • Personally, I’d attend every scheduled networking event on the docket. You’d find me at the Breakfast Roundtables where leading professionals discuss industry hot topics (I’ll be the one scarfing scrambled eggs and scribbling notes on coffee-stained napkins). You’d also find me at the Powered by Diversity Lunch where I’d eat up the wisdom offered by industry leaders about how diversity through gender, race, age, disability, and cultural background in the workplace helps build an organization that has a variety of viewpoints best suited to create innovative solutions and meet customers’ needs. I’d then tour the expo floor and make a quick Cantina Reception stop before meeting my colleagues for dinner, laughs, and a rundown of everyone’s day.


February 15-17, 2022
Scottsdale, AZ

About GreenBiz

The GreenBiz 22 conference is the premier annual event for sustainable business leaders. Join more than 1,000 professionals for three days of inspiring sessions and unparalleled networking opportunities in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Why DG+ is excited about GreenBiz

Sustainability is top of mind for modern consumers. What was once an afterthought is now a leading driver of consumer behavior. Businesses have taken note of this trend and have sought to capitalize on it by capturing the attention of the growing wave of conscious consumers through meaningful sustainability commitments. However, sustainability is not a one-time box to be checked; it is a constantly evolving goalpost that requires thoughtful and adaptable leadership. We love that GreenBiz offers tracks that explore the nuances of corporate sustainability, including social justice, circular economy, net zero, resilient supply chains, and ESG. 

RE+ Power

September 19-22, 2022
Anaheim, CA

About RE+ Power

Going beyond solar, RE+ Power focuses on the business of power generation in the clean energy space, including wind energy, green hydrogen, and fuel cell technologies. The combined conferences of Solar Power International (SPI), Energy Storage International (ESI), and Smart Energy Week will change their names to “RE+” beginning in 2022. The name change reflects years of on-going diversification of the original SPI, as the event shifted to accommodate emerging trends and complementary markets, including energy storage, microgrids, fuel cells, and EVs. (Read the full release here.)

Why DG+ Is Excited About RE+ Power

Since SPI’s inception in 2004, DG+ team members have attended more times than we can count. Over the years, this event has provided an indispensable service to the solar industry, as a way for the industry to facilitate business, exchange ideas, discover new products, and secure the future of solar. As the solar industry has evolved, so too has its flagship tradeshow. We are thrilled to see what this new and improved event has in store for renewable energy nerds like ourselves.

Mark Your Calendar

There are so many incredible clean energy and sustainability events happening in 2022 it was tough to pick our top 5. If we had an unlimited conference and travel budget, we’d likely attend them all. Check out our dream 2022 conference itinerary below, and if we missed the event you are most excited about, please shoot us a message at

January 5 - 8 CES 2022 Las Vegas, NV Sustainability, Automotive Tech, Marketing & Advertising
January 13- 15 Intersolar North America and Energy Storage North America Long Beach, CA Solar, Energy Storage
January 21 - 30 DC Auto Show Washington, DC Electric Vehicles
January 24 - 25 Distributech Dallas, Texas  Electricity Delivery Automation & Control Systems, Energy Efficiency, Demand Response, Renewable Energy Integration, Advanced Metering, T&D System Operation and Reliability, Communications Technologies, Cyber Security, Water Utility Technology, 
February 11 - 14 Chicago Auto Show Chicago, IL Electric Vehicles
February 15 - 17 GreenBiz 2022 Scottsdale, AZ Sustainability, Net Zero, Circular Economy, Finance & ESG, Social Justice, Resilient Supply Chains
February 23 - 24 RE+ Northeast  Boston, MA Solar Energy, Storage 
February 25 - 26 Community Solar Power Forum Bostom, MA Community Solar
March 7 - 9 TechAdvantage 2022 Nashville, TN Electric Cooperative Engineering, Operations, Information Technology, Purchasing and Supply Management
April 20 - 21 RE+ Texas San Antonio, TX Solar Energy, Energy Storage
May 11 - 12 Solar Power Expo Southeast Atlanta, GA Clean Energy, Policy, 
May 16 - 18 CLEANPOWER 2022 Conference & Exhibition - American Wind Association San Antonio, TX Clean Energy, 
August 22 - 25 World Conference on Climate & Sustainability Frankfurt, Germany Climate Change, Carbon Sequestration, Greenhouse Gases, Pollution, GIS & Remote Sensing, Climate Change & Health, Ecology & Ecosystems, Renewable Energy, Bioenergy, Climate Solutions, Climate Policy
September 19 - 22 RE+ Power Anaheim, CA Clean Energy, Solar Energy, Wind Energy, Green Hydrogen, Fuel Cell Technologies



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